Excellent stay, place was well maintained and had updated appliances. Tom was very easy to work with. Overall great experience!!

Eric H.

Plenty of space, very comfortable beds, great kitchen.

Loved the food and the staff!! It’s the best fresh Mexican food!! Real fresh ingredients!! Love the guacamole and hand made chips!!! I will definitely be returning to enjoy the entire menu!! Thanks for a wonderful experience!
Spencer B.

It’s pretty good for Mexican food in a different country.


Best Mexican Restaurant ever!!!
Best low Price for the huge Food you get!!
Very Delicius Food. Now we go every time here to eat Mexican.
The way from Nuremberg to here was worth it. We love it. Keep it up the good work Tortuga!! We’re coming soon! ❤️


I love this place, food is bomb

Emily T.

I was surprised to find some really good Mexican food in Germany. The prices are decent although you do have to pay in cash which could be an issue for San.

Sean R.

Pretty much the best TexMex you can find in the area. If you have been deprived for awhile you will love it. If you don’t know better you will love it. If your a negative Nancy you will say this doesn’t match the stuff I’m used to in the states. I always enjoy eating here all things being said the food is pretty good.

Kyle K.

Coming from El Paso where Mexican food is as authentic as you can get and still be in America, I was nervous to eat Mexican food at all in Germany. Well, Tortuga was actually pretty authentic. Their food was pretty authentic. And the service and ambiance was great.

Adam C.